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Missy Bear

Season II - To Gocek

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Goodbye Gorgeous Gocek

After just over three weeks in Turkey, it was time to start our journey back to Bozburun, where we planned to check out of Turkey, and...


As in the British Empire, if you lived within the Ottoman empire, you were first and foremost an Ottoman subject, and then secondly a...

Tomb Raider

We anchored Missy Bear in Round Bay, launched Ursa Minor, and we four glided silently around he headland and into Tomb Bay. We were on an...

Ins and Outs

I didn’t sleep well last night. Various boat noises kept me awake, and then live music at a marina bar played until well past 02:00. I...

Another Turkish Snip

And so it was that Richard retrieved the two long shorelines, and hauled in the anchor at Boynuz Buku, in the bay of Gocek, enabling us...

A plucked chicken

We three children spent many happy hours and days on our parents’ allotment, set out on land leased from the National Coal Board (NCB)....

Tanks at Pooh Corner

People with a delicate stomach may wish to skip over this blog. We spent a few days in Leros marina, sitting out the high winds. Our...

Pump out the volume

We were rudely awoken, early, to a chorus of a host of Greek cockerels, but later were soothed by a slightly melancholic Muslim...

Le vin grec est arrivé

Given that the Greeks have been making wine longer than most, and for at least 6,500 years, you would have thought that they’d be pretty...

Has anyone here seen Billy?

Regular readers will remember that we have had a few battery problems since launching Missy Bear. We had a boiled engine battery coming...

The False Flag

Missy Bear is now, geographically or geologically, in Asia Minor. Samos is an island, but was only cut off from the mainland coast by an...

Song of the Cicadas

The crew members walked down the aisle passing out additional sick bags to the several peaky-looking passengers. The woman in front was...

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